Tuesday, March 26, 2019

John Simon Community Center

As a resident of the Clinton County Housing Authority, you may participate in a variety of programs for children, families, and adults held in the John Simon Community Center in Renovo.
Children are encouraged to attend after school programs.  During the school year, we offer Homework Happenings where children have access to computers and tutors to help complete their homework and other school projects.  Other programs include arts & crafts, Wii Dancing, and games.  

Family nights at the John Simon Community Center encourages parents to attend with their children and make a meal together, watch movies, or play games.  There are many special events held for families and children throughout the year including a summer swimming party, a trip to the Pumpkin, and a bowling party.  Transportation for residents in the Renovo area to attend these events is provided.

We have a computer lab for adults with a staff member available to help you improve your computer skills.   We offer a health and wellness class for adults who are interested in learning about making healthy choices for their family.   This session also includes a little exercise with Zumba, Yoga and dancing.   An adult education class is offered once a week.  Topics change depending on resident needs.  Recently we have had guest speakers come in and talk about budgeting, self-defense, smoking cessation, health and wellness, emergency preparedness and many other topics.

There are one-on-one sessions available for adults who need help with housekeeping, budgeting, or parenting skills.  Adults get useful information through discussions, DVDs, and handouts.  Residents are encouraged to offer suggestions for future programs.  For more information on programs, please contact the Clinton County Housing Authority or like us on Facebook by searching John Yost/John Simon Community Center.