Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sullivan Acres

Schuylkill (4).JPGThis neighborhood, built in 1972, consists of eleven row houses located on Laurel Street, Delaware Avenue, Schuylkill Avenue, Ontario Avenue, 6th Street, and 9th Street in Renovo, Pennsylvania.  There are 50 apartments; 8 one-bedroom, 22 two-bedroom, 16 three-bedroom, and 4 four-bedroom.  Two one-bedroom apartments have assist features.  All apartments include a gas stove and refrigerator.  Utilities included with rent are electric, natural gas, heat, water, sewer, and garbage removal.  Each apartment has a washer hook-up and clothesline.  Both adults and kids will especially enjoy their own yard.  Each apartment has an off-street parking area.  Several Sullivan Acres apartments are located within walking distance of a grocery store, pharmacy, bank and post office.